The Climate Choir Movement

UK Divest Day in the City of London

24 March 2023: UK Divest Day of Action: the Bristol, London and Bath Climate Choirs sing out in the City of London to change minds and hearts on the urgent need to divest from fossil fuels and move more quickly to renewables. Choices about where to put pension investments have a massive influence on carbon emissions – or on their reduction. Powerful financial institutions such as Black Rock and Vanguard are urged to wake up and take a lead. Singers call for CEOs Larry Fink and Tim Buckley to listen up

Our first action

4 February 2023: The choir accompanies the Red Rebels at the No Airport Expansion rally. The seeds for the choir were sown back in November when the court sat to decide on challenges to expansion of Bristol airport. The High Court judge’s decision to uphold planning permission despite overwhelming opposition will be appealed by Bristol Airport Action Network and its many supporters.

The launch of the choir

4 January 2023: It all starts! ‘Let Us Stand’ and ‘We Got All the Love’ are our first songs. We’ll use song for peaceful protest to get the message across: all of us have to act now. Harmonious sounds and energy fill the room. We’re ready to resonate and encourage other climate choirs around the country and beyond.


29 April 2022: Prelude to the formation of the Bristol Climate Choir: a singing flash mob interrupts HSBC Chairman Mark Tucker’s AGM speech with Money, Money, Money, a variation on the song by Abba, demanding that investment in new fossil fuel projects is immediately stopped.