The Climate Choir Movement

Standard Chartered AGM

10 May 2024: The Climate Choir sang Fossil Fuels are Trouble during Standard Chartered Bank’s AGM in Aldersgate, City of London. Hey Standard Chartered, with everything at stake, it’s time, time to choose what kind of bank you want to be – lyrics adapted from Taylor Swift’s ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’. SCB is currently chairing the Net Zero Banking Alliance with the stated aim of ‘aligning members’ lending and investment portfolios with net-zero emissions by 2050’ – Hey SCB! Wake up! The climate emergency is Now! Your investments in fossil fuels in Mozambique and the Philippines have Zero intention of reducing carbon emissions. Listen to the message and take action towards renewables Now.

Defend Our Juries

7 April 2024: Taking inspiration from the early Quakers’ principle of ‘speaking truth to power’ and the view that juries must be allowed to vote according to their conscience, climate choir singers met at the Monument in the City of London to sing Sing Truth to Power composed by Kate Honey. Defend Our Juries campaign is protesting that climate activists be allowed to state their reasons for civil disobedience (some judges are not allowing this). Choirs joined a silent Quaker Meeting and vigil near the Monument in the City of London. Singers and campaigners then walked to the Royal Courts of Justice bearing banners supporting Defend Our Juries at this vital moment for our democratic processes. 

Houses of Parliament

7 March 2024: Stop Rosebank! No drilling in the North Sea! Over a hundred Climate Choir singers entered the Houses of Parliament in an extraordinary action to protest the idiocy of a new oil field that will emit tonnes of carbon dioxide and whose profits will largely go to the Norwegian company Equinor. Choirs from all over the UK surged through Westminster Hall to St Stephen’s Hall near the centre of power as MPs and struck up a Handel-inspired chorus that stopped staff, MPs and visiting public in their tracks. On the day after the budget the message was green energy is cheap and radically more sustainable. The government needs to listen up.

Eradicate Ecocide, The City, London

4 December 2023: Financial decision-makers in the City of London were serenaded with a specially-composed rousing song. Its message: that environmentally-damaging decisions and acts (ecocide) by powerful institutions must be made a criminal offence. Such legislation is already proposed in the UK, also Italy, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Scotland. The song ‘Eradicate Ecocide’ was composed by choir leader Kate Honey. The law can get behind sustainable futures and convince financiers to change values and choices in favour of life and futures on earth. Singers marched through the streets of the City to coincide with the COP28 conference in Dubai.

Unite to Survive South West

28 October 2023: Nature, climate and social justice groups gathered to raise the messages that must be central to all on the planet. The all-age crowd marched through the historic city of Bath with around 75 singers from the burgeoning Climate Choir Movement singing of determination to act against polluters and awareness of the intersectional issues facing everyone on the planet. In unison we’re beautiful, harmonies are strong.

Flash mob at the Science Museum

7 October 2023: Fossil fuel funding corporations Adani and BP are sponsoring education programmes and an exhibition on the future of energy – can this be right? Singers massed inside the world-famous Science Museum in London to sing ‘Raise Your Voice’ and ‘The Climate’s Changing’. Visitors in the museum listened and joined in. The message to museum trustees is: get with the message, take an ethical lead, give up the greenwash.

Songs for Gaia at Bath Abbey

30 September 2023: Gaia, the whole earth, suspended over singers from Bath Climate Choir, reminding all of the vital need to protect our planet. The work by artist Luke Jerram, together with songs from forty singers from Bath Climate Choir led by Barrie and Kate, made a powerful combination, enhanced by the historic setting and wonderful acoustic.

Royal Courts of Justice London

26 July 2023: Singers support justice for climate activist Marcus Decker who has appealed against the length of a sentence given last year. The song: ‘The Climate’s Changing What Are We Doing?’ was written by Marcus.

Barclays AGM

3 May 2023: Singers from Bristol, London, Bath, Stroud, Oxford and Southampton interrupt Barclays Chairman Nigel Higgins and directors with a song inspired by the Spice Girls: ‘Stop Right Now… Stop funding fossil fuels and end this madness…Climate change is going too fast, fossil fuels belong in the past’. Lyrics appear on the autocue and are signed at the front as the song crescendos. Singers continue sounding out the message, audible to the AGM, when escorted to the entrance hall

Climate Choir Movement crescendos

1st May 2023: On May Day the recently-formed Bath Climate Choir sings Let Us Stand: ‘…as we face the coming storm, for we love this land, let’s work for a better dawn’ on a site where people have gathered to sing for around 1300 years, next to Bath Abbey. The Bath Choir is one of several that have formed following Bristol’s lead – we now have choirs in London, Stroud, Oxford, Southampton. Together we are strong!