The Climate Choir Movement

Unite to Survive South West

28 October 2023: Nature, climate and social justice groups gathered to raise the messages that must be central to all on the planet. The all-age crowd marched through the historic city of Bath with around 75 singers from the burgeoning Climate Choir Movement singing of determination to act against polluters and awareness of the intersectional issues facing everyone on the planet. In unison we’re beautiful, harmonies are strong.

Flash mob at the Science Museum

7 October 2023: Fossil fuel funding corporations Adani and BP are sponsoring education programmes and an exhibition on the future of energy – can this be right? Singers massed inside the world-famous Science Museum in London to sing ‘Raise Your Voice’ and ‘The Climate’s Changing’. Visitors in the museum listened and joined in. The message to museum trustees is: get with the message, take an ethical lead, give up the greenwash.

Royal Courts of Justice London

26 July 2023: Singers support justice for climate activist Marcus Decker who has appealed against the length of a sentence given last year. The song: ‘The Climate’s Changing What Are We Doing?’ was written by Marcus.

Barclays AGM

3 May 2023: Singers from Bristol, London, Bath, Stroud, Oxford and Southampton interrupt Barclays Chairman Nigel Higgins and directors with a song inspired by the Spice Girls: ‘Stop Right Now… Stop funding fossil fuels and end this madness…Climate change is going too fast, fossil fuels belong in the past’. Lyrics appear on the autocue and are signed at the front as the song crescendos. Singers continue sounding out the message, audible to the AGM, when escorted to the entrance hall

Climate Choir Movement crescendos

1st May 2023: On May Day the recently-formed Bath Climate Choir sings Let Us Stand: ‘…as we face the coming storm, for we love this land, let’s work for a better dawn’ on a site where people have gathered to sing for around 1300 years, next to Bath Abbey. The Bath Choir is one of several that have formed following Bristol’s lead – we now have choirs in London, Stroud, Oxford, Southampton. Together we are strong!